Pawn Stars - Sets


"If You Can Dream It . . . We Can Build It"

• Murals • Concept Drawings • Exhibit Design • Sculpting •
• Art Direction • Graphics and Signage • Scale Models •
• Biological Models • Mold-making • Fabrication •
• Construction • Consultation • Refurbishing •
• Teeming • and More •

Faux Finishing:
DreamVision also specializes in murals to create a faux
finish. A wall can be painted to resemble worn brick, rich
paneled wood, or white Greek pillars complete with
winding grape vines. Trim and molding can take on any
look for a tasteful accent. Use a mural to create marble
pillars, ornate tile, or the warm feel of adobe.

Backdrops - Film Sets:
For over 300 years artists have been able to
scientifically measure and draw a scene with visual
depth onto a backdrop. Today, backdrops are still
used in Film, Television and Live Stage.

Casting and Mold Making:
We specialize in helping convert your production concepts
and project designs into a finished product. Our expertise
can create what you need, just for your project. Fiberglass,
foam, poly-Urethane Foam-foam, resigns and more.
Our services are offered to Film, Television, Live Stage,
Special Events, Theatrical, Industrial and Conventions.

Miniatures - Scale Models:
Our Clients rely on us to create or recreate authentic
productions and mock-ups. Whether it's a building, a
miniature, a model, a model train to blow up, a painting,
sculpting, consulting or the entire turn-key project,
DreamVision will bring its expertise to work with you on
your next project.

Sign Shop:
Our skilled designers can duplicate or create foam cut
furniture, frames and letters, engraving and backlit
plexiglass signs to ensure the viewer gets your message.
Illustrations & Billboards.

Paint Department:
• Green Screen, Chroma Key your floor.
• We can create any color.
• Our paint services specialize in the ability to provide any finish.
• Color matching and paint mixing.
• Brick, Aging and marbleizing capabilities.

Wall Murals - Canvas Printing:
For Film and Production Sets, a wall can be painted to resemble
a balcony, vining plants, or a view of the Mediterranean,
New York City and more.

Casting & Mold Making:
Roman columns, light fixtures, frames, walls, bay windows
and anything you can imagine. Sculpting foam and
Fiberglass capabilities (vacuum-form machines/
polyurethane foam dispensing systems). From brick
walls to theater marquees, and everything in between.
We continually step up our capabilities to anticipate the
newest creative challenges. A variety of designs of
fiberglass skins for set construction and decoration.
Flex Molding, Sculpting and Modeling services.